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 Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 2

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 2   Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:15 pm

Episode 2: Bad Apples part 1

The manager is cleaning glasses behind the bar alone waiting for the customers to arrive, the place is already spotless yet he keeps cleaning, searching for that sparkle, that light, his ...His fIre. [Manager]”Why do I even bother looking anymore? It’s not like I will ever find it again, not after that dreadful day...”*Pulls out an old book from underneath the counter and is about to write something when he hears voices approaching*[male 1] “Ay you should ah seen me last night, I pulled a can of whoop ass on that guy!” [Trashy] “Sure Travis, you couldn’t open a can of whoop ass on anyone”[Travis-Male1]coughs loudly* "Yugi-Bob..." *and coughs twice more for added effect* [Female 2]”ay stop it you!”*runs towards the counter and leans onto the counter towards the manger*”ay sir, would you mind getting us three our table pass please? *winks in a flirtatious manner*[Manager]”Sure I guess, next time you can get it yourself though, you know where they are so don’t be lazy”[Female 2]”why thank you so much” *puts on a big grin*”AY GUYS I GOT US THE PASS!” *male 2 walks in* [male 2] “seriously girl, put a lid on that thing”.

Things continue as normal, the bar slowly filling up with more regulars………2 hours later

Scruffy looking stranger who looks like he's been living in a dustbin for the last 3 weeks kicks in the door and yells-[scruffy] “SOMEONE HELP!?” *everyone turns*but outside of "Help" no one understood a word he said [scruffy] *falls to his knees trying catch his breath*, *a mysterious girl walks in*[mysterious Girl]*gives Scruffy a piece of fruit cake* which she just happened to have on her, thinking he's a hungry homeless person ”you'll be alright”*Turns to face everyone staring towards the door way and takes a deep breath*[mysterious girl] "You have a lot to learn, when someone needs help, and if you can help, you better damn as well help!” *catches a glimpse of the manager* “wow Kurtis you're with this lot, that is so disappointing.... though see yah around, I'm am going be in town for a few days”* walks off fairly quickly*.

[Scruffy]*Snares at the fruit cake in confusion and finally catches his breath* whispers to himself ”Why did that girl give me a fruit cake?”[Elle]”Can I shoot this guy please?”[Travis]“No stupid bitch” [Elle]*Stares at Travis with venomous eyes*[Trashy]”erm, sir is your name Kurtis?” [Manager]”No Comment” [Travis]”what a boring name no wonder he never told us”*a quiet giggle breaks out within the bar* [Female 2] “Oh my! I just realised that was Silent X, one of the Elite 12, Sir you know her!?”[Manager] “Yeah we've got a bit of a history, it started about 3 years ago”[Scruffy]”EVERYBODY SHUT UP I HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM!!!”[Travis]”well spit it out then!”[Scruffy]”There's a bunch of military guys up the road duelling everyone, and if you lose then they shred your clothes and make you were disgusting hand me downs like this!”*Takes a bite of the fruit cake*”You know this is actually really nice fruit cake...”[Elle]”Can I shoot him now? come on he didn’t even share!”[Travis]”Do what Kurtis told you and behave bitch face”[Elle]*looks at Travis In anger and grip’s him by the neck and drags him into the back room*.

Everyone moves to outside, up towards the location scruffy was referring to to see if there is something they can do to stop the crisis that's happening, except Travis who apparently needs medical attention. Upon arriving to the location, Trashy quickly charges at the Military guys, but ends up getting trapped in an invisible barrier, causing him to face a 2vs1 duel with his pride and clothes on the line. There was nothing any of his comrades or bystanders could do to get within the barrier to help, all they could do was watch from the outside.[Elle pretending to be Travis] “Ay brother, you can beat these guys, just don’t show me up again!” Suddenly out of nowhere, Silent X comes running down the dirt road and crashes right through the forcefield, joining Trashy in the duel making it a 2vs2. [Silent X] Hello, Trashy is it? Let’s own these punks and teach them the real meaning of respect of community” [Elle pretending to be Travis]”Oh phew hope is restored for the Merky family name"

------Trashy-&Silent X--------Duel Starts-------The Military Bad apples ------------------------(End of episode)


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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 2   Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:44 pm

Keep up the Good work Amelia ,
Cant wait for the Next episode to be out ! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 2   Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:16 pm

Yay! I'm so cool in this Ep. xD


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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 2   

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Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 2
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