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 Character Template.

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Character Template. Empty
PostSubject: Character Template.   Character Template. EmptySun Feb 17, 2013 1:35 am

Please use this template when submitting a character, much obliged.

Name: (Your character's name, alias and/or code name).

Age: (How old is your character?)

Species: (Is your character human, or something else?)

Affiliation or Occupation: (Are you a mercenary, private investigator, researcher, etc.)

Physical Description: (Your character's appearance. Includes gender, age, hairstyle, eye color, clothing, etc. You can post pictures, but it is preferable if they are your own creations.)

Equipment: (Includes weapons and other random items. You can use pictures to describe item appearances, but preferably make them yourself.)

Skills or Techniques: (Detail the character's combat style, talents and/or areas of expertise.)

Background: (Describe your character's history up until the point he or she starts participating.)

Personality: (Is your character kind, serious, naive, arrogant, insane, etc.)

Dreams: (What is your character's motivation in life?)

Reasons for Dreams: (Explain the reasons behind your character's motivations.)

Miscellaneous Information: (Other information about your character that doesn't fall under the other categories.)
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Character Template.
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