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 Omega Zero

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Omega Zero
Omega Zero

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PostSubject: Omega Zero   Omega Zero EmptySun Feb 17, 2013 1:59 am

Name: Omega Zero. (Goes by Omega)

Species: Reploid

Affiliation or Occupation: Maverick

Maverick Classification: S-Class Maverick

Physical Description: Omega Zero 12-24

Equipment: O-Saber. O-Buster

Skills or Techniques:
Triple Slash: A regular 3-hit combo with the O-Saber.
Charge Saber: Omega slams the ground with the O-Saber, causing rubble to fall from above.
Arc Blade: - Omega spins in the air with the O-Saber, sending crescent waves in seven directions.
Double Charge Wave: Omega fires two charged shots with his buster, followed by a crescent wave with the O-Saber.
Ryuuenjin: Omega does a rising slash with the O-Saber.
Messenkou: - Omega pounds the ground, creating a vertical beam, rendering him briefly invulnerable (This recovers a small amount of health.)
Rekkouha: Omega pounds the ground, unleashing a spread shot in five directions.
EX Skill: Berserk Dance: Omega lunges at the opponent and executes a deadly 7-hit combo with the O-Saber. If the opponent successfully dashes underneath this move just as Omega Zero leaps, Omega Zero will turn around to opponent's direction and will try to connect the attack.

Hyper Mode(s): Unknown.

Background: After the Maverick Wars had been ended by the powers of the Mother Elf by reverting the viral infection of Reploids caused by the Sigma Virus, Dr. Weil, a weapon researcher and DNA revival specialist who had worked at the same laboratory as an unknown ancestor of Ciel (who had researched Zero's body) in order to find a way to end the war, felt unsatisfied with the result of the solution. Thinking that it wasn't enough to simply cure the Reploids from the virus while they posed still a threat to society due to their free will, he decided to create his own, radical solution: To exterminate every Reploid that did not decide to submit to the humans and regard them as their creators and masters.

To achieve this goal, he had to find someone capable of fulfill his desire, a "messiah" that would destroy every Maverick and teach all those who supported Reploids a lesson. For that position, Weil had chosen Zero, whose mindless body was still in the laboratory. He stole the body as well as the Mother Elf. Weil corrupted the Mother Elf, turning her into the Dark Elf to control all the world's Reploids at the same time in order to have them destroy each other. However, even in this corrupted state, the Dark Elf was not powerful enough to control all Reploids at the same time and the Baby Elves, small copies of the Dark Elf, were created.

Yet, as Weil desired to use the Dark Elf alone as well as his new messiah, he began constructing a massive exterior armor around the mindless body. The armor boosted the body's attack strength to its limits (although at the cost of maneuverability and evasiveness) as well as granting it the ability of using the Dark Elf to control all Reploids at the same time, making the Baby Elves useless. The body received new weapons, suitable for its size and weight and was given a new consciousness loyal to Weil only: Omega.

Omega does not hold very much of a personality, besides that of being a blood-thirsty tool of Dr. Weil's ambitions and absolutely obedient to his commands (very similar to what Zero was intended to be for Dr. Wily), so he was apparently very loyal to his creator. Returning to Earth after spending a century of exile in space, he developed a grudge against Zero, because he was defeated by Zero despite the latter no longer being in possession of his original body. Also, Omega's ability to speak was reduced to minimum (at least while in exterior armor), only growling and roaring for the most part (in fact, the only words he ever says in this form are a long, drawn out "Zero" [emphasizing his hatred of Zero] and "Lord Weil"). Other than that, he doubtlessly believes in Weil's insane purpose for him, being his messiah of the new world order and "God of Destruction".

Dreams: To cause chaos in the name of Lord Weil.

Reasons for Dreams: Omega is extremely loyal to Dr. Weil, and will do anything for him.

Miscellaneous Information: It could be noted that Omega is rather a "consciousness" and not a Reploid altogether, being that Omega is using Zero's original body. On top of that, Omega, despite using Zero's original body, does not possess the original Z-Saber, which is in Zero's possession.
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Omega Zero
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