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 Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 3

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 3   Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 3 EmptyFri Apr 05, 2013 2:22 am

Episode 3 : Bad Apples Conclusion
Conclusion summery of duel

Both Bad Apples charge at Trashy for a physical attack
[Bad Apple 1] "Stuff the stupid card game, I'm gonna embarrass you by force raaaa".....[Bad Apple 2]" YOUR CLOTHES ARE MINE YOU STUPID TOON WORLD NEWB!". [Trashy] *Prepares himself*........[Silent X]*Quickly Darts between them and trashy, sweeping kicks Bad Apple 1 sending him head first into the dirt knocking him out , throws a feint attack towards Bad Apple 2's head [Bad Apple 2] puts his arms up preparing to block [Silent X] does a punch to the chest winding Bad Apple 2, sweeps his leg putting him on his back and quickly puts her knee to his neck and applies pressure...[Silent x]This is what you,re going to do, drag your friend by his feet get in your vehicle and get out of this town and never return UNDERSTAND? [Bad Apple 2] tries to reply but can't due to Silent X's Knee [Silent X]"blink twice for yes" [Bad Apple 2]*Blinks twice*[Silent X] "oh and one more thing tell your buddy when he wakes up, if he ever disrespects this children's card game again i will remove his tongue and hands *smiles and gets of Bad Apple 2* "now have a nice day".

[Bad Apple 2]* quickly drags his partner away, vacant s the area and doesn't look back once. [Trashy] " yeh you better walk away". [Silent X]* Smiles then looks at Trashy "Toon World seriously", pats him on the back and walks off towards the bar*"Oh by the way Curtis I think I'd stick around a little more than planned".

Meanwhile ...
We return to the bar where we find out that Travis had been hung by his ankles by chains connected to the ceiling. All he could see was a portrait of Elle smiling as the blood rushed to his brain. He tries closing his eyes and reflects in his predicament.

[Travis thinks to himself] "How did i get into that situation oh yeh i decided to grow some balls and mess with Elle, yeh big mistake. *Looks at picture of Elle smiling*" yes you stupid bitch you just wait when i get down imma spike your drink with boiling peppers"*laughs to himself*. Travis looks at Elle smiling and falls into mild sleep flashing him back to when he was a kid specifically his 10th birthday.

[Travis mom]" come on, Travis your going be late to school breakfast is on the table" [Travis] "shut up, why should i do what you tell me its my birthday and i do what i like"[Travis mom]*enters Travis bed room* "oh really now do well in that case you can join your brother and get out of my house"[Travis] *packs his things, leaves and hops on a train to visit his brother*. Upon leaving the station he finds his brother in a 3 on one situation and quickly rushes to aid him, though quickly a stranger walks passed, smiles and suddenly the 3 bullies just run off...

Back in the real world everyone walks into the bar making a racket waking Travis up from his flash back.[Travis] "ELLE! YOU BITCH GET ME DOWN FROM HERE" [Elle]"oh opps forgot"*runs into the backroom*"so Travis hows it hanging"*giggles a little*[Travis]" yeh yeh real funny now let me down now or imma shave off your head"[Elle]*fires her shotgun at the chain lock* Theirs a thumb on the ground [Travis] "Owwwww!, seriously couldn't of done that gently"[Elle]" ay shouldn't run your mouth at me, anyway come on *helps Travis up*we got pizza in the other room.[Travis]"Fine but better have got me one with BBQ sauce" Both walk into the main room and notice everyone digging in. [Travis] Oi Trashy that's mine.

Everyone starts laughing and having a good night, even the manger cracked a smile or two.

End of episode
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Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 3   Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 3 EmptySun Apr 07, 2013 3:24 am

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Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 3
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