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 Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 4

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 4   Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 4 EmptyThu Apr 18, 2013 8:27 am

Episode 4 :Dragons or Gods

[Delivery Person] “Ay Manger package for yah, mind helping it is kind of a biggie” [Curtis] “Sure” *goes outside to help carry the large package* “Any idea what it is?” [DP] “Yep totally delivered 6 in the last 3 weeks, it’s one of them grand invites to sneak preview the new public sector” The two lift down the package and move into the club [DP] "Recommend going today, rumours say two of the fifteen are going be there, oh and we need put this somewhere with space” [Curtis] “Oi you two cancel that match, we need to move some tables around!” [Trashy] ” But but this will be the first chance to actually beat Silent x” [Silent x] *laughs* “CALL OF THE HAUNTED…..ATTACK ...and well that’s game” The group gathered around the package and open it. Suddenly a massive black table opens up, and a video starts playing on it.

[Goofy looking guy with a big nose] “Hello Curtis, you are invited to come look around the new facility we have built designed to allow everyone to improve their dueling skills under combat distractions, feel free to bring any members of your dueling club along, though you will need an official club name to bring more than two additional members with you, we will contact you within ten hours of you receiving this package to give you more details.
[Silent x] “Curtis you'll want nothing to do with that place, it’s nothing more than a recruitment to capture people, luring them in with cheap tricks and before you know it, you're legally bound to serve their cause, preparing for the myth of chaos striking the north wall.” [Curtis] “You sure it'll be bad to even take a look?” [Silent X] If you go alone no, but your members could easily be drawn in with hidden truths, though if you do go I AM COMING with you to make sure no one does anything stupid”. [Curtis] “Alright well I'm going have a look and going to leave it open to anyone else who wants to go”.

Half the club walks in and signs the tour invitation ….. after the fifteenth person signed up Silent x became a little hostile towards Curtis and continued to do so for the rest of the night. , this really got under the Managers skin and had him more worried about Silent x than the actual facility. Ten hours later to the dot of the package being opened, Curtis received a call giving him more details and the group were picked up by a convoy of black cabs thirty minutes later and taken to the facility.

-----------The Facility --------
The group got out of their cabs and find themselves staring at two giant doors bigger than the group club itself and several members are instantly mesmerised. [Silent X] *Slaps every person who appears to be mesmerised * Nope sorry not being mesmerised* [Trashy] “What the..... Silent I wasn’t even looking at the stupid door, why did I get slapped?” *Gives Silent a evil look* [Silent] "Well everyone else does it, figured I'd have a taste” *Winks* [Trashy] “Why don’t you slap Elle, she’s been asking for it since day one!?” Elle hears trashy speaking and quickly turns around and stares at him considering how she should react to his comment, Travis quickly runs up behind Trashy and puts one hand on his mouth, the other over his shoulder. [Travis] “He didn’t mean it really, he didn’t he just had a little delayed brain function from being slapped in such a epic way” Elle decided not to harm Trash and continues talking to female 2 about what they think the facility is going be. [Travis]

[Travis] *whispers in Trashy’s ear* “Totally not worth it dude she’s a crazy bitch, last time I said something she well.... it was bad ok really bad trust me” [Elle] *Punches Travis in the face* “Seriously I can hear you, I am right next to you and your stupid face, now that punch was for insulting my hearing" *Steps on Travis' toe* “That was for calling me a crazy bitch!” *Kicks Travis in the balls* “That’s because its true” *Punches him in face again* ”Because I can" [Female 2] “Ay Elle you reckon it's going to have a sun roof?” [Elle] “Nah I doubt it even has shower, seriously look at that door I'd never open that with my shotgun” [Trashy] “Just get a bigger one” [Elle] “You so get me”.

A goofy looking guy with a big nose suddenly climbs out of a drain just in front of the gate [Goofy looking guy with a big nose] “Hello everyone and welcome to the facility, we're going to have to take the back way in as the door doesn’t actually work yet, so anyway come on come on down we go” The group all bust out laughing and climb down the drain and follow the tunnel to another set of stairs instructed by the goofy looking guy with a big nose and climb up. Upon reaching the top of the stairs they find themselves in a very large room with duel areas everywhere with weird looking boxes located randomly around the room, walls of ammunition which look like ice, a floor of steel which looks like silk and a pure black roof made of the same stuff as the table sent with the package. [Goofy looking guy with a big nose] “Come on guys stop doddling this was the old room, we had a few technical issues so we were forced to change rooms, the group carry's on and are led around a corner and up a flight of stairs, leading into the next room.

[Trashy] “Oh my god there's a duel going on using the new battle system and that guy has all 3 god cards on the field!” [Silent x] Weakly turns after hearing what Trashy said and quickly darts to the edge of the bridge Trashy is standing on and looks at the duel. Silent x’s eyes open wide, in shock her hands grip the rail tight with her surprise of finding two fellow members of the twelve here of all places, The Divine Master and the Dragon Princess fighting all her urges to quickly pop over to speak to them, she holds her tongue and watches the duel.
[Goofy looking guy with a big nose] "Ok guys quickly follow me into this video room so I can do a presentation all about the facility from where we started, and our goals for the present and future, come on quickly now. Everyone follows the Goofy looking guy with a big nose to the video room and he starts his presentation about the facility.
The Duel
God Master vs Dragon Princess

Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 4 Dog12
[Goofy looking guy with a big nose] "Well that'll be all for my presentation, feel free to take a look around and use the idea box for any ideas we could use to improve the facility" Everyone groups up into separate parties and goes off their own ways keeping in contact via a faculty group device allowing all mini group leaders to communicate. Next episode were be following Elle, Trashy, Silent X and Travis, Female 2.
End of episode .


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Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 4
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