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 Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Prologue

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Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Prologue Empty
PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Prologue   Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Prologue EmptyFri Feb 08, 2013 6:51 pm

Well i am in process of making a Manga but obviously the light novel comes first.

Introduction(Background story)

We the Angelic’s were sent to earth to bring order to the ever expanding chaos threating to engulf the world, however the chaos was a powerful force unlike anything ever seen in earth’s documented history. The chaos was spreading far and wide forcing us to spread out thin, so thin in fact we were down to a single Angel for every frontline in existence.

Though we were strong enough to win nearly every fight, eventually we fell one by one. However this made us even stronger since as Angelic’s we can feel the Death of a fellow ally which allowed us to become even stronger embracing the memories of our fallen comrades and gaining more power to manifest in the physical world. As we grew stronger so did the chaos to the point where we were getting wiped out, like how you humans like to put it "Cans on a Tree".

But in the last few days we made a pact with our lost brothers in the demonic underpasses so that we could retore and maintain the balance on Earth before all was lost. With the last of our kind dying, the Demonic and Angelic combined our full powers to create an unbreakable seal containing the chaos, though in doing so leaving the human kind and earth unprotected for eternity.

Though unknown to the angelic at the time of the seals creation, an ancient power which would put even the lowest of creatures on par with unimaginable strength, and it was nothing more than a child card game in which the true name was lost for over 10,000 years but its name was whispered in the great force of the seal YU-GI-OH which not only brought power back into the game but awoke the Sprit-world Earth had long lost and forgotten.
Even though the Sprit-world was awoke after the clash, they were able to see the entire event and determine the Angelic’s time had yet to come and decided to send a representative to revive all the Angelic’s who were lost in the last confrontation into residents of the spirit world, and by doing so created a new Arch type in the game of Yu-gi-oh which became the Angelic Wonder.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Prologue Deck_zps92d63b17

----------------------------------------------2000 Years Later--------------------------------------------------

The Angelic deck was passed down to a young man of the age of 21, who has been picked on and bullied all of his life but never went down without a fight, but none the less always went down. He had no idea how he received the deck, or the significance of the monsters in the deck.

After dueling in several tournaments and coming up short, his belief to one day he would achieve his dreams slowly faded. With this the deck refused to duel because the power of memories burning was lost but the laws bound on the angelic to never leave its owner till death beholds them.

This caused frustration for our duelist which led him to create his own club to simple watch duels until his passion returned. This is where we meet our 4 main characters Amelia (Plant Duelist), Darrell (Darklord - Agent), Travis (Moody shit), Eli(Very scary always carrying a shotgun), HelloPerson(Says Hello alot) and Zacky(some checky kid)

[center]This is the start Of Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment


Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Prologue Banner11

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Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Prologue
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