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 Forum Points System

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PostSubject: Forum Points System    Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:45 pm

Hello Forum ! Well here I'm going to explain the Points System which has been Established Recently .

Well for Starters Every member Begins with 100 Points

Points are awarded from a variety of ways -
1) 10 Points are awarded for the creation of a new Topic or Post
2) 5 Points are awarded for posting in an already existing post
3) 3 Points are awarded to those thanked In a post ( this is generally a sign of appreciation towards a post )
4) 1 Point is awarded everyday from the day of Registration
5) Various tournaments may also award variable amounts of Points .

Points are also awarded when a User gets a Promotion -

1) 500 Points are awarded when a user is promoted to Moderator status
2) 1000 Points are awarded to a user Acquiring Administrator Status

So what exactly is the Use of These Points ?

Well in the days to come , More and more items Shall be added into our Shop , Points may be used to Purchase such items .
The Shop hasn't been Created yet , So until then Just keep Acquiring Points (lol)

The Points System hasn't been Fully established yet , it is still at its beginner stage and Will probably undergo Numerous changes in the Future .

Until then , Enjoy your Points !
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Points System    Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:05 pm

dw, ill have the shops up tomorrow or monday.


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Forum Points System
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