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 Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 1

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 1   Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 1 EmptySat Feb 09, 2013 1:13 am

Season 1 - Dina and the Duel Swords

[Male 1]“Man, this guy raged again!? Seriously… next time he rages he is so going to die, I swear either via me getting that crazy shotgun carrying bitch in here or he’s going to roll over having a heart attack” *Puts hand over their face and looks down*“Am I seriously related to this guy?”[male 2]“ Yeah you are but at least he has a passion for the game”[male 1] “Oh fuck you, passion my arse, he just sucks so badly and then he cries when he gets dominated left, right and every other flipping direction”[male 2]“But he rages in style, never the same way twice... oh look, he's about to duel the new guy, this is going to be good *Starts eating some old popcorn*[female 1]“ Aye guys, oh Trachy is duelling, oh man that other guy is a troll, I duelled him yesterday” [male1]"A troll? Man seriously I should just kill him now, he never learned to not feed trolls"*Facepalms*

Duel Trashy vs Troll

Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 1 Trashy10Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 1 Troll11

[female2]"So Trashy's your dueling again today?"[Trashy]"Yepo, so are you going to watch me own......err... excuse me, what's your name again?"[unknown] "Not that it matters to a joke of a duellist like you, but my names Yugi.... Yugi Bob" *Takes a sip of soda*[Trashy]“excuse me a joke of a duelist imma show you who’s the joke lets Duel”*face starts turning red*[Yugi-Bob] “sure” *starts laughing to self*"Looks like I won the dice roll, so I start the draw, let the heart of the cards guide me" "Exodia, show everyone in the room that this guy is a joke of a duellist!" *Starts laughing loudly* [Trashy]“what….what are you kidding me" [Yugi-Bob]"Nope, you're a joke, do you even know how to play this game?" [Trashy]"Rawwwwwwr!!!!" *Flips the duelling table into Yugi Bob's face and charges at him*

During the chaos, Trashy was dealing damage to the new trolls face. A glass of soda goes flying into the air finding its way into Elli's drink knocking it over. Elli picks up her pump-action shotgun and fires 6 rounds into the ceiling, narrowly missing the manager taking a piss upstairs.[Eli]*Gets up out and turns around*“WHO THE FUCK DID THAT!!”*Everyone goes silent and slowly steps back, leaving Trashy and Yugi Bob alone echoing a silence of fear.

*[Yugi-Bob]*Gets up with 2 black eyes and a bloody nose*”"Yeah joke face, you should know to not mess with me!"This filled Elli with anger causing her to fire another round right through Yugi-bobs hair leaving a bald patch right in the middle. [Yugi-Bob]“You pathetic slut legs you think you're gonna get away with that?! I’m Yugi-Bob and I have the Heart of the cards” [Elli]*Reloads* [Yugi-Bob] *runs out the store* “fuck this shit”.

This left Elli fully reloaded facing Trashy the true reason why her drink was ruined “[Elli]"Hey you're alright, I'll let you off for the drink on this occasion, just don't do it again" *Winks*,*The Room was Swept away with shock during the aftermath of Elli Sparing someone from her infamous wrath*

[Male 2] "Shhhh, everyone news from the-" [Radio Broadcast] "Not to worry citizens, the crisises have been dealt with and you are all safe"[Female 1] *Unplugs the radio*"why should we really care about the Rubbish that guy is feeding us""[Male 2] "Because someone has to".

T*The Manager Enters the Room looking as if....[Manager]"YOU!YOU! DID THIS!" [Male1]"Now Sir.. I know what it looks like.. but i can explain... Actually never mind.. Fuck my life and my damn relatives...''*Shotgun fires*...[Elle]''ENOUGH! Before i decide to point this thing at a living son of a...!!''
END of Episode

Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 1 Anime-10

Male 1 (on the right) and Male 2(on the left)
Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 1 Anime_guys_brunettes_shirt_sky_21444_preview

Female 2
Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 1 1200508170558s


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Yu-Gi-Oh The Golden Moment - Episode 1
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